Welcome to the website for Beech Grove Lodge #694. 


Our Lodge had a devastating fire on July 8th,2019. We have completed the repairs and hope to see you soon again in the near future.


What are the benefits of becoming a Mason?

There are numerous benefits to being a Mason, they tend to be personal, and are quite varied. The benefits can only be truly discovered by becoming a member. But we can try and give you an idea. Without question you will have the opportunity to experience camaraderie and fellowship with a group of men across the boundaries of age, race, religion, culture, and opinion. This is a fundamental concept to the Fraternity. Many find great value and knowledge in our ritual ceremony — it uses symbolism and metaphors to encourage and remind us to appreciate principles, ethics, and morality, and to live our lives accordingly. Others find great satisfaction in our charitable efforts, community service, and the support we provide our members and their families. Finally, for those who take on leadership positions within their lodge, they have the chance to develop or further very practical management skills.